Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Best Friends!

Can I just say how much I love my husband and two kids! I used to think that I really missed going out with the girls to go shopping, but Thomas and Alex are quickly filling in. Damond is too, he just doesn't have as much time as them to fill in as they do.

I am in desperate need of some new basic clothes, because half of the shirts I wear are maternity and the other half are old shirts, some of which I’ve had since high school. I have been feeling very frumpy lately L So, after swim lesson I mustered up the courage to take the boys to the mall. This is something I don’t normally do unless I have backup. As some of you might know, Thomas is full of energy, usually making shopping a nightmare! But he did good, (for the most part) And there is nothing better than trying on a shirt and having your son say, ” oh, it’s beautiful Mommy!” I know he’s only three, but he really boosted my ego J Then we’d walk around and he’d point out more “bootiful” things for mommy to try. What a helper. Alex is great, cuz he just sits there in his stroller and enjoys the ride J Then when Damond got home and I modeled the things I bought, it was really nice to hear Thomas say, “Wow, Mommy” and Damond agreeing. (except for the balloon sleeve shirt that I need someone else’s opinion on. (they are, after all, just men) J


Suzy Farar said...

I know what you mean about feeling frumpy, I feel like I am the queen of frumpy. I always think that you look great and put together! Good for you and braving the mall with the boys. I know it's not always easy and because of that we don't shop for ourselves as much!

bryant said...

Thomas sounds like a real fashion expert. Sounds you like guys are well! Hope to see you all soon.

Joan Koplin said...

Oh my dear can I relate to the shopping crisis (whether or not the husband approves of whatever you chose and dealing with two rowdy boys). Tis life, though I guess :)

EmilyCC said...

Cute post! I remember asking my dad who is best friend was when I was 10, and he said my mom. I said, "No really...who's your best friend?"

Now, I get what he meant.