Sunday, June 15, 2014

Giant of a Man

Father's Day... hmm it's a toughie:/

Last year, I specifically planned to be on the road. I didn't want to be around people and I was unsure of how the boys would do with a day filled full of talking about dads. But I didn't want to completely forget about the day. After all, they do have a remarkable father. And I never want them to forget that!! I knew that we would be touring the Redwood Forest. I decided that we would celebrate Damond in those magnificent trees. I told them it was Father's Day and that it was ok to be sad and miss their dad. But that I wanted them to remember that their dad was like the Amazing Trees we were surrounded by. He was a GIANT of a man, who stood tall, not because of his height, but the way in which he lived his life. (and he was also really fun to climb all over in play) ;)

Redwood National Park June 2013
This time I didn't allow myself to let us go hide in a forest of trees (haha), but I did want to emphasize another great quality of their dad. I decided to take the boys to the medical school. When Damond and I first toured IU, I remember we walked past a wall of pictures. In each frame were individualized pictures of a certain years' graduating class. I remember commenting to Damond that within four short years, his picture would be there. I told the boys that I wanted them to remember that Damond's picture is hanging in that school, because he believed in hard work! He worked hard in all that he did. 

(Indiana University School of Medicine June 2014)

Father's Day is a tough day, especially when Jacob puts his arms around your neck and says, "I want my dad" and wants to stay in the medical school trying to find his dad.  But we made it through the day and are so grateful for their AMAZING Father and his long-lasting example.
I continue to be grateful for the amazing father figures that have stepped in and been there for my boys. Be it grandfathers, uncles, Home Teachers, family friends, Coaches, what you think may be small acts, will have deep effects on their happiness, growth and development.

                                                       South Padre Island June 2014

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Dallin Farar said...

I miss him too. Watching his children touch his picture on the wall was very emotional for me. We love you and your family.