Sunday, June 13, 2010

International Motor Speedway

A couple of weeks ago was the famous
Indianapolis 500.

Prior to the race, the International Motor Speedway holds several events that are open to the public. As is customary in this wonderful city of Indianapolis, there is even a family day. Damond had to work during the family day, so we decided to go to one of the practice days. We have been wanting to take the boys here since we moved here! I mean, come on Cars' is our life, right? Of course, right as we are getting ready to go it starts raining, so we were really worried that we were not going to be able to see the race cars practice, but we still found some cool things to look at.

I never knew just how big the track/stadium was. We got to go under the racetrack and park in the middle. The boys loved seeing these race cars up close!

But they thought this

was even cooler!

We took them to Monster Truck Jam back in January and they have loved Monster Trucks ever since!

I was even impressed by its size. I tried to get my belly, but it's not very defined yet:D
We climbed up to the stadium seats and watched as the race trucks dried the tracks... or at least that is what we concluded they were doing :) (We know nothing about nascar!)

And eventually we were lucky enough to see some race cars in action!
It was really cool and I was very impressed by how fast they go in such a narrow space!

The boys were in Cars' Heaven! They even got to watch a couple Pit Stops :)


The Farar Family said...

How fun for the boys! They are getting so big! And your little pregnant belly is adorable! Do you know what you are having yet???

Alice said...

Wow what a fun day.

Mary said...

What a cool trip! And congrats on the new little one coming soon . . .

Erekson's said...

so much fun! We sure do miss you guys

Rosie said...

Adriana hola,

we love every picture and every moment of your blog!

Please call us!!!

Your folks